How The Adminably Virtual Assistant Can Help You

Professional Admin Services

Makes your life easier by providing highly reliable and cost-effective Professional Admin services from a remote office.Find Out More

You can be assured of the same support as an onsite admin assistant or even better.  Also, I can put forward business systems and tools that may help you improve your business operations. You don’t even need to train me like you would a regular employee. The services I provide you are from the field where I am an expert at and have vast experience in. Unlike a regular employee, you do not pay me for the time they spent on coffee breaks, etc. You will only be paying for the hours you use.

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Cuts Overhead Expenses

Cut overhead expenses and save money spent on office space, equipment, technology and obligations that come with having office employeesFind Out More

such sick leave, annual leave pay, etc. The stress of complying with work regulations, legislation and rules seem unavoidable, right? How about the cost that comes with them? Another concern is the hassle of buying equipment, paying for your employees’ training for new technology. Hiring a virtual assistant is the answer to all your questions. You can bypass all that with a virtual assistant. You get better results and best value at a very affordable price. While you relax and do the things that are worth your time like the core activities of your business. So, by hiring a virtual assistant you actually save a lot of money and have more time for your business. Most especially, you only pay for the hours you use! It definitely is a win-win for business owners.

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Gives Business Owners Time

More time to do the core activities of your business such as growing your revenue, networking, and travel.Find Out More

We do the mundane tasks for you like administration, invoicing, social media management, email management, following up with customers, and much more.Dedicate your time in what really matters to you such as growing your business, networking, travel or family.

Running a business is hard, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Nowadays, the phrase “work smart, not hard” is in everybody’s mouth for a reason and quite literally. Because of technology around us. But do you really have the time to learn or train employees how to use them to your advantage? What about the cost of having these technology installed in your business systems? This is where a virtual assistant comes in. A virtual assistant is equipped with the knowledge and skills in technology that makes your life easier. Outsource your stress. Hiring a virtual assistant is making use of the best technology around you work for you. Plus, you deal with a real person who is accountable for the jobs you need to get done.

I love the mundane tasks that most business owners dread and are really good at doing them. So, why not outsource them to competent hands. Own back your time, it’s worth more than gold and once it’s gone you never get it back. 

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Services The Adminably Virtual Assistant Can Provide You

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Facebook Advertising

•Brand Awareness Campaigns

•Lead Generation Campaigns

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Social Media Management

• Setting up & Optimizing Accounts

• Page and Group Management

• Post Scheduling • Graphics Creation


Graphics Design

• Branding Board Creation

• Graphics for Branding Materials

   (Flyers, Template Materials, Newsletters, etc.)

• Social Media Graphics

Landing Pages & Webforms

• Landing page creation

• Webforms Creation

• Landing pages optimization for Facebook Advertising


Website Development & Maintenance

• Designing & creating using WordPress

• Creating / Editing Content

• Updating plugins & security features

• Blog post scheduling & optimization for For Ads &

  List Building

Admin & Human Resources Management Services

• Database & CRM Management

• Email & Calendar Management

• Human Resource Recruitment Process

• Events Coordination & Travel Arrangements

• Creating Presentations (Powerpoint, Keynote, Prezi)



Super Efficient!

“I would highly recommend Em Lopez from Adminably by The Virtual Essence Business Solutions! Em is super efficient and was so easy to work with – she produced fantastic work in the timings required with hardly any guidance from myself. An absolute pleasure to work with.”

Catherine Nelson-Williams Owner - The Nursery Collective

Excellent Work!

“Thank you so much for the excellent work. I got so much more than what I expected from you. You have made my life so much easier. You helped me free my time.  Kudos!”

Gloria Pastorin Business Support - Bayer Crop Science Inc

Highly Recommended!

“I would recommend Adminably by The Virtual Essence Business Solutions to people who need help with setting up a WordPress website, advice on branding boards, advice on software to help with website design, logos, photos & theming.”

Ashley Winning Owner - The Best Mum I Can Be Blog

Great Value!

Adminably never disappoints. Em has done a great job organising my files, decluttered my inbox and so much more! I’m glad I purchased a retainer package as I still have plenty of hours left for all my projects. Em truly offers great value and is very reliable. I would highly recommend her to my colleagues and friends as a Virtual Assistant.”

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David Jennings Branch Manager

Very Prompt and Confident!

Em confidently tackled all of my requests and got to work promptly to make the improvements to my site. The result was a much cleaner looking site, easy to navigate around!

Ashley Winning The Best Mum I Can Be Blog

A Huge Asset!

“Em Lopez has been a huge asset to my company for many years.  Also, she has excellent work ethics and communicates very well.”

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Silva Gopal Managing Director - Agro Freshland LTD

Professional and Friendly!

“One thing I liked was their ability to make me feel at ease with the process. Em was very professional, friendly and polite. I felt I could trust she was up to the task.”

Ashley Winning The Best Mum I Can Be Blog

Who Can Hire Adminably as a Virtual Assistant?

There are a countless number of business owners and professionals who utilize the services of the Adminably Virtual Assistant. Here are a few examples.

  • Accounting Firms / Homebased Entrepreneurs
  • Business Coaches / Life Coaches
  • Executives / Small Business Owners
  • Church Organisations / Teachers
  • Dentist / Physicians
  • Event Organizers / Caterers
  • Photographers / Travel Agencies
  • Realtors / Internet Marketers
  • Motivational Speakers / Writers
And Many more...

What are the most common tasks outsourced to Adminably?

Facebook Advertising, Email Marketing, Social Media Management
Branding Board Creation, Social Media Graphics, Social Media Copy
Website Development, Landing Pages & Webforms Creation, SEO
Business & Admin Support, Customer Service, Events Coordination

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 About Em Lopez

"I created Adminably™ with a Mission to make my clients' life easier by providing the services that are truly relevant to their business. The ones that GIVE them back their TIME and lets them REFOCUS on what really matters to them such as Growing Revenue, traveling, TIME for their family and friends, or even just time for themselves. I want my clients to be confident that they are in the hands of a Virtual Assistant who works towards their GOALS and treats their SUCCESS as their OWN."


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